Sheet Music

The Tale of a Cruel World

Piano, Strings, Carillon

From "Calamity" (Terraria Mod)

Sad Piano


FeelsOkayMan Outro

Winter (The Wind Can Be Still) Guitar Arrangement


From "Stardew Valley"

Greenpath (Piano & Guitar Duet Arrangement)

Piano, Classical Guitar

From "Hollow Knight"



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Current state of SupaLidlGame (2024-05-11)

2024-05-11 Reading time 3 min. software gaming SupaLidlGame

For the past year and a half, I have been working on a Forsen fan/baj game. The reason why I am writing this is so I can see how far I’ve gone with this project and have some motivation to continue working on it, even if it means forsen will never play this . I have been meaning to write this but I have gotten really lazy (Forsen build) and just worked on the game without bothering.

15:28 forsenSmug

2023-10-20 Reading time 1 min.

I called him every name and every insult under the sun But never once did I doubt

godot bros

2023-09-14 Reading time 1 min. misc


Do you really need tabs/bufferlines in Neovim?

2023-07-28 Reading time 3 min. software technology

When I was previously using Emacs, one feature I found that was not really implemented was tabs for each buffer. I was extremely used to bufferlines (which is what people usually mean when they refer to “tab”) as I was using Neovim before I switched to Emacs and back to Neovim. As I got used to it, I found out that I was better off with a buffer list than a bufferline.

WHERE ARE THE COMMENTS?? HOW CAN I TYPE "forsen" NOW?? please clarify

2023-07-04 Reading time 1 min. misc

If you’re wondering why there are no comments or why it is broken, my mom temporarily disconnected my Raspberry Pi which is hosting the Remark42 server with all the comments. Yes, it is hosted at her house . And I just can’t tell her which cables go where. It will be back probably Friday when I finally get there to plug it back in, shirley


Clear Your Desks


Wordle but for indefinite integrals. Made for AP calc project.

Memory Quiz Practice

Memory quiz practice for my Calc BC class